Call for Papers

Locate19 is the sixth in the series of Australasian conferences aiming to unite all communities – research, industry and government – working in the field of spatial information. Research@Locate19 is the academic research stream of Locate19 taking place from 8-10 April 2019 in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Research@Locate19 will bring together academic communities involved in spatial information from the Australasian region and beyond. For the first time, this year we will be accepting two types of papers: research papers and demo papers. Research and demo papers should be from 4-10 pages in length. However, only papers that are 8 pages or more in length will be published in the Research@Locate CEUR workshop proceedings. Papers that are shorter than 8 pages will be reviewed for presentation only. Research papers are welcome from researchers in geodesy, mapping, computer science, artificial intelligence, geography, geographic information science and related disciplines contributing to spatial information science. Papers may cover the latest research advances, recent results, work in progress and new ideas within the field of spatial information. Submissions are encouraged from researchers at any stage of their career, from postgraduate students to senior researchers. Demo papers should describe original demonstrations of spatial technology to be demonstrated at the Locate conference. Accepted demo papers will appear in the conference proceedings alongside the research papers (provided that they are 8 pages or more in length).

Submissions must be original, previously unpublished papers contributing to spatial information science. Suggested paper topics include but are not limited to the following themes:

  • positioning and sensing
  • remote sensing and imaging for spatial information
  • spatial information integration
  • spatial information infrastructure
  • location intelligence
  • crowdsourcing, volunteered geographic information, and citizens as sensors
  • spatial and spatiotemporal pattern recognition, data mining and knowledge discovery
  • spatial human computer interaction
  • spatial web and mobile services and mapping
  • multidimensional spatial data acquisition and analytics
  • novel applications of spatial information science, such as blockchain, internet of things, precision agriculture, and autonomous vehicles

Research@Locate presentations will be interspersed throughout the Locate19 main conference sessions. We encourage authors to frame research advances in a way that is of interest to the wider Locate19 audience. Accepted papers will be published in an online proceedings available at the time of the conference. To submit a paper please visit the Research@Locate19 submission page.

ASIERA Young Author Awards

Research@Locate19 features the ASIERA Young Author Awards. ASIERA will present several awards of $500 to young authors (under 35) of papers with the highest review scores. The awards will be presented in a social event organised during the Research@Locate conference. The social event will also be sponsored by ASIERA.

Important dates

For submission deadlines please note the important dates:

    • Full paper submission: 14 December 2018 21 December 2018
    • Notification for acceptance: 17 January 2019
    • Revised paper submission: 5 February 2019
    • Research@Locate18 Conference: 8-10 April 2019